30% of women do not orgasm 5 strokes to help you solve

According to the survey, about 1/3 of women never or rarely in sexual orgasm, 20% only during masturbation in order to obtain Although it is not entirely clear why it is so difficult, but sex experts believe that as long as proactive fight action very relaxed, thoughts turn to open, the total is still able to develop their own sexuality, won the orgasm.

no orgasm, indeed regrettable, not every woman can enjoy orgasm, but through our efforts to acquire the Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen infertility and sexual medicine specialist Dr. Chen Jun, women can orgasm through clitoral and vaginal stimulation, we should say more than half of the people has been opened a path, there are a small number of people to open two paths, but about 1/3 of women have never been opened to any path

in the clinic, often encounter some women, conservative and and stubborn, they are likely to lack any positive momentum, no more sex tips. also feel that their responsibility is to please the man, this role expectations so that they are not entitled to the pursuit of sexual enjoyment, they imagine a good woman standard is ‘promise’, they have to obey her husband, even if dissatisfied with any in the sexual life, do not want to say it, for fear that makes it appear too frivolous, this state is clearly anti-climax. “Chen said.

Chen Jun said that if women imagine themselves as magical erection and ejaculation and her husband, she will be able to seek more muscle and pelvic movement, strong twitch, sound and rapid breathing. fact, these women stay outside the path is always hope her husband to bring their orgasm, and she do not need to pay any effort, this effort it is a prerequisite for her to reach orgasm.

five strokes to win orgasm

(1) get rid of the annoyance of the work or housework. the tension be negative reaction negative impact. listening to music, a hot bath, the point fragrance lamp, do anything relaxing things get climax will help when you are in a relaxed state.

(2) positive sexual fantasies — take some time sexual fantasies, do you like the opposite sex, in fantasy themselves, This allows the physical and emotional gradually excited.

(3) the majority of men and women will error that formal the climax of the way can only be obtained through vaginal intercourse to achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation such as hand or mouth is not acceptable that this climax is nausea and abnormal. fact, the clitoral stimulation is the climax of the two people.

(4) active contraction of the muscles around the vagina (also known as the PC muscle). Doing this helps the blood flow to the genitals to achieve sexual arousal. these muscles also control climax muscle contraction of the PC muscle can help stimulate orgasm, and can make orgasm more intense.

(5) to stimulate the G-spot. based on clinical experience, both the clitoris and G-spot orgasm sensitive point can not be ignored if the woman is not the wake of the G-spot, clitoris is better

(intern Zhang Xian)